10 Health Tips Before You Meet Opposite Sex

Attractive personality, good health and clear mind is not a god's gift. One has to work hard to keep it that way. Follow the tips given below and face the world with confidence.

1)Hair : Healthy hair could become rarity in theses days of pollution . For shiny and vibrant hair use preferably mild herbal shampoo of good origin. Avoid chemicals as far as possible and when necessary use established brands with conditioner only. Clean your hair at least once a week or if you are in very polluted area two to three times a week . Comb your hair before they dry up. Don't subject them to very hot air etc. as it tends to make your brittle and coarse. Treat dandruff with appropriate herbal or chemical shampoo. Hard water and vitamin deficiency could cause hair loss so correct this problem ,eat vegetables, fruits and if required take vitamin supplements . Hair oil, preferably the newer ones without stickiness is recommended as it brings shining to your hair.

2)Eyes : Take appropriate amount of sleep to avoid tired looking eyes. Vitamins ,rest and judicious use of cleansing agent and moisturizer is required if your are developing black circles around your eyes. Don't expose your eyes to excessive wind or light . Use protective glasses or sunglasses in these situations.

3)Ears : Clean your ears daily as wax accumulates in no time. This impairs your hearing and you may miss few gentle words of love. If there is any ear discharge consult an ear specialist.

4)Face and skin : Clean your face at least 2-3 times a day with water. Oily face needs special treatment. Exposure of skin to harsh weather ,sun rays etc could damage and produce premature ageing. So protect your skin with sun screen if you live in area where sunshine is abundant. Use moisturizer if air is dry. Protect against excessive dry or cold air. Healthy food and vitamin supplements where required is a must for healthy skin.

5)Under arms, groins and under breast : These areas remain moist and encourage bacterial and fungal infections. This leads to bad odour and itching. Clean these parts with water and anti bacterial soap as required. Remove any unwanted hair unless you are very sentimental about them !! Keep these areas dry. Always use cotton under wears. Do not put on under wears at night. Put ordinary talc powder , avoid perfumed ones as they may sensitise your skin. Menstruating women may consider trimming or removing pubic hair as it helps hygiene. Take bath at least twice a day during menstruation. Any fungal infection needs prompt treatment.

6)Breast (female only) : It is made up of fibro-alveolar tissue and has no muscle to support it. So use properly fitting bra. If it is not supported then it will become pendulous.

7)Tummy and hips and thighs : Any excessive fat will deposit here making you look ugly. Regular exercise, avoiding fatty food and overall controlling your calories should help you here.

8)Nail : Healthy nails requires healthy body. Eat healthy food and vitamins. Avoid soaking your nails in water or soap. Don't allow dirt to accumulate. Treat any fungal infection promptly. If you have any skin disease which involves nail, get it treated.

9)Teeth : Brush your teeth in morning and at bed time and in between if you have had excessively sweet item. Do copious gargles to remove any food debris. Drink enough water to keep your mouth moist. Avoid excessively sweet or sour things which damages your teeth. For any dental problem see your dentist. Eat varied food to keep your gums healthy.

10) Intellect, outlook and assessing others : If you use your brain it will develop. Be in the know. Read news paper, books, watch educational television,. Develop opinion. Develop positive out look. Try to see things in their entirety rather than taking narrow view. Be straight forward. Learn to put your honest opinion in a way that is acceptable to others. Assess others : Study the psyche. Judge from their body language and words they use what could be their intention. Don't be taken for a ride by superfluous words of praise. When a boy proclaims love for you generally he wants to have sex with you and unless you are " fuck and forget " type you are in for a rude shock. Most women seek relationship and most men want sex.